About HeyyVilla Partner

Hidden Bali Villas Discovery App.

What is HeyyVillaPartner.com?
A website for Bali Villa Owners to join HeyyVilla as our Villa Partners.

HeyyVilla Partner will bring additional Bookings to fill the villa’s empty dates…
using HeyyVilla app & TikTok Influencers Network.

We partner with Villa Owners.
We bring additional Bookings to increase the Villa Bookings.
using Done-for-You System.

What is HeyyVilla Partner?

is a website for Bali Villa Owners to become HeyyVilla Partner.

We help Bali Villa Owners to increase Bookings & fill the empty date, using:
1. HeyyVilla app (a Short-form Video App for Hidden Villas).
2. TikTok Influencers Network.
3. Ad Network for Bali Villas.

What does HeyyVilla do for Villa Owners?

We help Villa Owners to get additional bookings to fill their Villa’s empty dates…
using HeyyVilla App & TikTok Influencers Network.

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1. We will create TikTok Videos for our Villa Partners, for Free.


2. We will broadcast the videos to HeyyVilla App & our TikTok Influencers Network.


3. More Travelers who are searching for Bali Villas, will find out about the Villas.

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4. The Villa’s Bookings increase, with very little effort from the Owners.

HeyyVilla helps Bali Villa Owners to get additional bookings for the Villa’s empty dates…
with Done-for-You system.

Our Team

The people behind HeyyVilla.


Alvian Lim


Markus Reynaldo


Fifi Jayenti

Growth Marketing Specialist.

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